7 Best Apps for Moms to Optimize Your Life


7 best apps for momsBest Apps for Moms

Nowadays you can find an app for just about everything and since most apps are free so you might as well take advantage! When it comes to researching all of the apps out there it can be overwhelming so I’ve done the research for you to narrowed it down to the 7 of the best apps for moms to optimize your everyday life.

best app for Family Organizing and Scheduling


Best For: Busy parents who need to keep life organizing to simplify their family’s hectic lives.

Picniic is one of the best apps for moms of 2019. The purpose of Picniic is to get your family life in order. It serves as a family management dashboard that brings all your activities, tasks and data together in one place, keeping everyone organized and on the same page. Picniic has a shared calendar (every family member has their own color), a family locator tool, a meal planner, a to-do list, a shopping list, special event calendar, a catalog of recipes, and a family info locker where you can store key information like your medical details and other household information.

First, create your family profile, and sync all of your family’s calendars. Then begin delegating. All data is shareable between members of the family, and anything can be assigned to a member’s profile.


  • Locator: Real-time family location sharing, and custom ‘places’
  • Protect: Pause and schedule family internet access
  • Calendar: Plan events in a unique, shared family calendar
  • To Do: Assign and share to-dos and lists with the family
  • Files: Store everything from medical to household info.
  • Circles: Share with private groups, caregivers, and extended family
  • Recipes: Save online recipes, or grandma’s cookie recipe
  • Photos: Upload and share your family moments
  • Shopping: Create lists for all your favorite stores
  • Meals: Schedule meals with your saved recipes
  • Activity: Stay updated with alerts and group messaging
  • Events: Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries

  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: iOS and Android

best app for Meal planning


Best For: Busy parents who want to easily plan healthy meals for their family without putting in too much time an effort.

This all-in-one app helps create healthy and personalized weekly meal plans, find recipes based on that meal plan, and organize grocery lists around those recipes. It also includes a built-in tool that shows users the nutritional information of each recipe. With over 200 personalization options, you can cook exactly how you want to eat, from paleo to vegan to gluten-free.

A great feature of the app is its built-in grocery list function, which creates user-friendly grocery lists based on your personalized meal plan. When you build a new meal plan, a grocery list of all the ingredients you’ll need for the week is automatically generated.

When you join, you’ll be asked all about your preferences on type of food you eat, if you follow a certain eating plan, and how many people you need to feed.Once you have that set, you can go ahead and start to pick your week’s meals.

There is a free version and paid (pro) version of the app. You can get used to the ins and outs of the app on the free version, see how much you use it, and then ultimately decide if you should upgrade.

  • Cost: Free, the Pro version is $5.99/month
  • Platform: iOS and Android

best app for finding a sitter


Best For: Parents seeking experienced, reliable and trustworthy sitters without putting in too much time and effort.

Bambino connects you with Sitters your friends have used and recommended. Using a private social network, their unique service connects you to a community of recommended Sitters that are trusted by friends and families right in your own neighborhood. Once logged in, you can start connecting with other parents and building a team of your favorite Sitters.

Bambino asks parents and sitters to login with Facebook to confirm their identity and connect with friends inside the app. The more friends you have in the app, the more sitters you’ll be connected with, and the more useful the app will be for you.

How it Works:

  • Discover Quality Sitters Near You: Quickly and easily build a base of recommended Sitters in your community.
  • Send A Booking Request: Enter the date and time you’re looking for  and the booking request will be sent to your Sitters for availability confirmation.
  • Choose Your Sitter: Sitters confirm their availability and are made visible in your Sitter queue for you to pick the best one for the job.
  • Pay for your Sitter: Bambino has experience-based rates that stay the same for any number children and you can see an estimate before you book.
  • Time Tracking: The timer starts automatically at the scheduled booking time, and you will stop the sit when your booking has been completed. Upon completion, your payment will be processed automatically and you will receive a detailed invoice.
  • Hassle-Free Payment: Pay directly through the app with your credit card. The money is automatically deposited into your Sitter’s Venmo or bank account.

  • Cost: Booking fee of $1.95 – $2.95 based off level of sitter
  • Platform: iOS and Android

best app for discovering local kid and family and activities


Best For: Parents and caregivers of children looking for local family-friendly activities and attractions.

This is definitely one of the best apps or moms! Yuggler is an online, community based activity guide where parents and caregivers can go to find kid-friendly things to do. The app can access your location through the GPS on your mobile device or you can manually enter a location. Little bubbles will pop up on the map showing you where different things are located in that area. Each type of activity is distinguished by it’s own unique symbol so you can tell  if it is a place to camp, eat, play sports, shop, etc. If you click on a bubble, information about that activity will appear including a short summary of what it is, how much it costs, what age and gender the activity is appropriate for and how long it takes to do that activity. It may also tell you whether you can do it in good or bad weather and a star rating for that activity. Parents can also add activities that they have found in their area and rate them for the benefit of other users.

Yuggler also has user-configured notifications so you can get notified about new kids activities based on your personal preferences for location, type, gender, season, weather and age-group to stay informed about what’s happening in your local neighborhood or future travel destination.

  • Discover things to do for Kids and Families: Browse candid ideas, opinions, and photos about activities, places and happenings for great family fun
  • Research ideas: Considering tips and photos provided by other families
  • Filter out only activities that are most relevant for you: Including gender, age, indoor/outdoor, season of the year, duration, and cost
  • Collaborate with Friends and Family: Give your friends, family and other parents ideas for things to do for their children. Simply add activities you like the most.
  • Save Money: Discover hand-selected, quality assured deals for your most favorite kids activities and save up to 70%.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: iOS

best Fitness app for moms


Best For: Busy moms looking to get into or stay in shape but don’t always have time to hit the gym.

Sworkit is one of the top fitness apps. Their workout plans are designed to help you reach your fitness goals faster and simpler. With Sworkit, you can get in shape and stay in shape, since their program is designed to help you make fitness a habit. They make it simple to workout at home or on the go and with no equipment needed. You choose the time – from 1 minute to 90 minutes and they provide the variety, including strength training, stretching, cardio, yoga, and more.

Another useful feature is their Ask a Trainer program, which gives you one-on-one guidance from certified fitness trainers.

Your body was built to move daily. Sworkit makes it easy, enjoyable, and, yes, simple, to do just that.


  • Variety: More than 300 unique workouts and over 400 exercises
  • Personalized: You choose the time you have to workout
  • Easy: Recommended workout plans based on your goals
  • Customizable: Create and save your own custom workouts
  • Support: Certified trainers to answer your fitness and nutrition questions

  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: iOS, Android, and Web

best app for coupons and deals

Snip Snap

Best For: Thrifty moms who love coupons and saving but don’t want to deal with the hassle of clipping and storing coupons.

Snip Snap is like a virtual coupon binder. With SnipSnap, you can search stores and retailers for coupons and then download them individually directly to the app. The app automatically sorts them by expiration date, but you can search your saved coupons by retailer for easy access. When you get to checkout, the cashier simply scans your phone for each coupon or types in the code displayed under the coupon.

There’s also a handy “Near Me” feature that finds coupons based on location, which means you can pull up the app while waiting in the checkout line and score unexpected discounts. It can even track your movements and remind you when it matches a store’s location to a coupon you already have so you never miss out on a deal.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: iOS and Android

best social networking App for moms


Best For: New Moms seeking friends in their neighborhood with similar aged children and interests.

The New York Times calls Peanut the ‘Tinder for Mom Friends’.

It’s hard to make friends as an adult and even harder if you’re a new mom. That’s why one of the best apps for moms. Peanut is a smart mobile solution for moms to connect and learn from like-minded women. It shows you women in your neighborhood with similar-aged children and creates matches based on shared interests. You can chat, arrange meet-ups and share experiences based on meaningful topics.

How it Works:

  • Connect with your Facebook account: After that, you enter how many children you have and their ages, with an option to add a “peanut” — a baby on the way — and say how many weeks along you are.
  • Pick three words or phrases to describe yourself: Ranging from fun things like “hot mess” and “wine time” to more serious signifiers like “single mama” and “special needs.”
  • Swipe up to “wave” at another mom; swipe down to say “not now”: Then you can start chatting within the app.
  • Schedule a meet-up or playdate: And export it to your regular calendar, or…
  • Just use it to find someone else to talk to: When you feel like you need some much-needed mom venting.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: iOS (Android is in the works)


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