Lululemon Leggings Review: Which Style is Best for You?


Lululemon Leggings Review

Lululemon Leggings Review: I’ll admit, I’m a Lululemon leggings junkie. I’m not a big shopper and don’t splurge on much at all. However, when it comes to my Lululemon leggings I go all out since these leggings truly enhance my life. They are the most comfortable, versatile, and flattering pants I’ve ever worn.

Like many of you, I wear them literally everywhere…to work, the gym, yoga, running errands, parties, bars, restaurants, planes, EVERYWHERE. I could literally go on and on about why I love them so much but that would be pretty annoying and not helpful.

However, if you’ve never worn Lululemon leggings, it can be a bit overwhelming whether you go to the store to buy your first pair or go online to buy them since there are SO MANY different styles and price ranges. Even though they may all look very similar in fit…trust me….THEY ARE NOT. The materials and subtle differences between each style really make them all completely different in the way they fit, feel, and function. So I’ve come up with a brief yet thorough Lululemon leggings review so you have a better idea on which style might be best for you, your body type, and lifestyle.

Wunder Under

These seem to be the number one seller and favorite among most reviews. They are very compressive and have the ability to hold in your shape tightly. They can make almost anyone’s but look good. I used to like these until I discovered the Align leggings. Personally, I think they are slightly uncomfortable and hard to move in. I wouldn’t suggest these for yoga since they are constrictive. However, they would be good for running since they are so supportive. These happen to come in three different fabrics so you can choose which is best for you: Luon is cotton like, Luxtreme is sweat wicking, and Nulux is quick-drying, sweat-wicking, and offers lightweight coverage.

Price Range: $88 – $158


These are my favorite leggings of all time. They are constructed using the Nulux fabric, which feels great on your skin. They are so comfortable that they make every other pair of leggings or pants seem uncomfortable and annoying to wear. I live in these leggings. I switch up my workouts throughout the week with either gym time, running, yoga, or PIYO and these leggings are perfect for all. It amazes me how they are so buttery soft  and skin-like all while being supportive in all the right places. I also love how the waist is high and seamless, making my waist look slim. No matter what you’re doing, you’ll never have to pull these up, which for me is very important. The only negative about the Align leggings is they pill a little after a lot of washes and seem to collect lint easily. Also, if you need a lot of compression, these may not be right for you.

Price Range: $88 – $148

Fast and Free

These leggings are also constructed with the Nulux fabric. They are soft, comfortable, and easy to move in. They are great for running (hence the name). The high waist makes it so you aren’t having to pull them up all the time and also makes your tummy area appear slimmer. They have large pockets on both sides that can fit your iphone, which is quite convenient. However, there have been some complaints regarding the stitching, which has been reported to come unraveled after only a few washes. There have also been complaints about pilling. Overall, these leggings are comfortable, functional, and have some great features but the construction could be improved upon.

Price Range: $118 – $128

in movement 7/8

I’ve heard people say that the perfect leggings would be made with the Everlux fabric of the In Movement combined with the shape and construction of the Align. That being said, the In Movement leggings feel great since they are constructed out of the silky smooth Everlux fabric. They are durable yet lightweight and comfy, which makes them great for almost all workouts such as cycling, yoga, running, training, etc. People would describe them as a mix of the Fast and Free legging combined with the Align legging. The design also gives you a lot of support in the hips and they fit like a part of your body. However, there have been complaints that they seem to lose their shape after a few weeks of wear. These ones definitely had more pros and cons.

Price Range: $88 – $98

Speed Up Tight

There seems to be a unanimous consensus on the Speed Up Tight leggings…they are indeed, very tight. They run on the small side so I would suggest going up one size. Since these leggings fit so snug, they are great for HIIT, cross fit, and running but may be too constrictive for yoga or pilates. They also have a very high waist so they aren’t great for sitting activities such as biking or rowing where it could get bunchy. They are constructed out of the Luxtreme fabric, which has a medium thickness to it. Some people like how thick they are and others complain it’s like wearing a scuba suit. The speed up tight leggings would be great for the winter time due to the thickness. People like all the pockets as well.

Price Range: $88 – $108

All the Right Places

The All the Right Places leggings seem to have the opposite issue from the speed up tights, and that is they run a tad big and would suggest going down a size. These leggings look great on and they literally do hug in “all the right places.” They have a very comfortable fabric and have zoned compression so they aren’t too tight or too loose anywhere. They also have plenty of pockets that people seem to love. The main complaint about these leggings is the waist is constantly creeping down causing you to have to pull them up a lot especially when running or working out.

Price: $118 – $128

Lululemon Leggings Review Summary

There’s no question Lululemon makes some great leggings but depending on your body type and what activities you wear them for, it can be challenging to figure out which ones are best for you. There are many many reviews out there on each style which can be overwhelming. I hope this Lululemon leggings review broke it down in a fairly informative yet simple way so you have a better direction on which ones might work best for you and your lifestyle.


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