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Tipsy Elves Review: My Halloween Horror Story


Tipsy Elves Review

Tipsy Elves Review: My Halloween Horror Story

Tipsy Elves is a holiday-themed apparel company. They sell holiday sweaters, Halloween costumes, and other holiday-themed items through their website and other online vendors, and donates part of each sale to charity. In December 2013, the company’s owners appeared on the US television show Shark Tank, and received $100,000 in funding from from investor Robert Herjavec to help the company move into the retail market. Since then Tipsy Elves has proven widely successful, generating more than 100 million in sales so far. In this article I’ll discuss in detail my personal Tipsy Elves review to illuminate their shortcomings.

My First Tipsy Elves Experience:

I heard about Tipsy Elves from my husband who sent me a link to a cute skeleton costume for our two year old for Halloween. It was literally double the price of the other similar looking skeleton Halloween costumes but my husband insisted on this one so I went ahead and bought it. I had no problems with this particular order and costume – it arrived on time, fit great, and seemed to be quality material and construction (and for $50 it better be!)

tipsy elves review

My Second Tipsy Elves Experience:

Since my overall experience with the first the order went well, I entrusted Tipsy Elves to deliver on my Halloween costume as well. However, that’s not the case at all. Not only was my costume overpriced at $60 but I also paid extra for expedited shipping so that it would be “guaranteed” by Tuesday, October 29th (two days before Halloween). Lone behold, I didn’t receive my costume until Halloween night at 7pm (too late for when I needed it). UGH!!!


The Tipsy Elves homepage was promoting their expedited shipping options, which included the price and guaranteed delivery date. I had high hopes that I could pay a little extra for shipping to receive my costume in time for our Halloween party on the 31st. I paid for the expedited shipping that “guaranteed” my order would arrive by Tuesday, October 29th.

I placed my order on Sunday, October 27th and it literally shipped out that night, which I thought sealed the deal that my costume would, indeed, arrive in time. I checked the tracking on my order each day. It sat at a location in California (I live in Missouri) for 4 days!! It finally arrived in St. Louis on Wednesday (already one day late) and didn’t get delivered to my home until 7pm on Halloween night!

Overall Fit:

The quality of my Tipsy Elves costume (a bat themed dress) seemed pretty good. However, it did not FIT the way it appeared online. Online, it appeared as though it was more form fitting, when in reality it was very thick, frumpy, and made me look fat (I’m 5’6 and 115 pounds – not fat). I decided I would just return it.

Return Process:

There were a few issues with the Tipsy Elves return process that really pissed me off:

  1. They don’t provide a return label and YOU pay for shipping: Many companies provide you with a return label so you don’t have to deal with paying for shipping or even having to print it yourself. Tipsy Elves doesn’t provide either! Not only do they not provide you with a shipping label, but they deduct an extra $7 from your refund for the shipping label. And hopefully you have a printer, otherwise you’re going to have to go to a Fed-Ex Office or local library to print the darn thing. GEEZ…talk about inconvenience!
  2. They don’t refund any of the sales tax or shipping costs: I have NEVER seen this before. They don’t refund you the entire amount of your purchase because they keep your sales tax that you paid. They ended up deducting $7 from my refund because they go ahead and keep that for themselves. In addition, they don’t refund you for the shipping. The $9 I paid for their so called “expedited” shipping was also deducted from my refund. What a scam!
  3. They don’t provide a bag to return your item in: Many companies now also provide you with a bag to return your item in as well…not Tipsy Elves. On top them deducting the $9 original shipping cost, $7 return shipping cost and $7 in sales tax from your refund, I have to also pay $4 for a large bag from the UPS store to ship it back.

Tipsy Elves Review: In Summary

I had high hopes for Tipsy Elves since they are double the price of any other holiday-themed apparel company. However, in reality they have many shortcomings in regards to overall fit, delivery, and their return process. My advice to Tipsy Elves…If you can’t “guarantee” delivery by a certain date then don’t promote it. Use different language such as “estimated” delivery. And get with the times on ethical and convenient shipping procedures. I paid a total of $68 and was only refunded a mere $$42. To my fellow consumers…Do yourself a favor and steer away from this mis-leading online retailer.

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BarnesandNobleFeedback.com Survey: Win $25 Gift Card



BarnesandNobleFeedback.com Survey

I recently started frequenting Barnes and Noble, mostly because their children’s section has a really nice train table that my two year old LOVES to play with. He quietly plays at the table while I browse the children’s section for new books to add to his collection. Afterwards we stop by the cafe for a coffee and treat since they always give you a coupon for the cafe when you make a purchase at Barnes and Noble. The next time you stop in to a Barnes and Noble, consider taking the BarnesandNobleFeedback.com survey for a chance to win a $25 BN gift card. The survey will ask you a few questions about your experience and overall customer satisfaction. It only takes a few minutes and you might win a $25 gift card! WOOT WOOT!

What You Will Need:

  • An Internet connection
  • 5 minutes
  • A receipt from a recent Barnes and Noble purchase (if entering by completing online survey)
  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone


  • 3″ X 5″ Notecard or sheet of paper and a pen
  • Mailing envelope
  • Postage stamp

How to Enter:

Entry #1: Enter with receipt by completing an online customer survey
(purchase necessary)

  • Visit the Barnes and Noble survey page at www.BarnesandNobleFeedback.com
  • Enter the date of visit and survey code
  • Answer all Barnes and Noble feedback survey questions.
  • Provide your personal info.
  • Submit your survey for a chance to win a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card.


Entry #2: Enter without a receipt or completing the survey (no purchase necessary)

  • Hand print your name, complete address, city, state, zip code, daytime phone number, and birth date on a 3” x 5” card.
  • Mail it to: Barnes & Noble Survey Sweepstakes Entry, 625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625-2437.
  • Each mail-in entry must be mailed in a separate outer envelope. No copies, facsimiles or mechanical reproductions will be accepted.
  • Limit 1 mail-in entry per post-marked envelope. Partially completed and/or mechanically reproduced entries or rubber-stamped entries will be void and ineligible.

Survey Prize:

  • $25 Barnes and Noble gift card
  • 240 winners total (20 per month)


  • The Sweepstakes Entry Period consists of 20 Monthly Drawings.
  • The winner will be notified via a phone call or email.There is a limit of one (1) Monthly Prize per person per each Monthly Entry Period.

Survey F.A.Q.S:

  • Is a purchase necessary? No
  • How long does the survey last? May 1, 2019 – April 30, 2020
  • What is the entry mode? Online using your survey code from a recent Barnes and Noble receipt or via mail without making a purchase or submitting a survey
  • How many times can you enter? There is a limit of one (1) Monthly Prize per person per each Monthly Entry Period.
  • What is the age limit: 18+ at the time of entry
  • How long is receipt valid for? For the duration of the Monthly Entry Period
  • What is the total ARV value: $6,000
  • What are the odds of winning? Depends on the total number of eligible entries received per Monthly Entry Period.
  • Where is the survey valid? All 50 United States including the District of Columbia

Survey Conditions:

  • Prizes are not redeemable for cash or cash equivalents. Prizes are not assignable nor transferable.
  • Although subsequent attempts to enter on a given day may be received, only the first complete entry received from a particular entrant each day will be eligible.

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The Montessori Toddler Floor Bed: My Top Picks


montessori toddler Floor Bed

What is a Montessori Toddler Floor Bed?

The Montessori philosophy focuses on the importance of independence at a very early age by promoting freedom to make their own choices. This is achieved primarily through creating an environment that allows them to freely explore and do things themselves. When it comes to their bedroom, you can support this philosophy of encouraging your child’s independence by putting everything within their reach and at their level, such as their furniture, toys, clothes, and books. A Montessori toddler floor bed falls right in line with this philosophy.

A Montessori floor bed is simply a bed placed directly on the floor without any bars or rails to keep them confined. This way your little one has the freedom to choose when they would like to get in and out of bed to play, read, sleep, relax, cuddle, etc.

At What Age can You Transition to a Montessori Floor Bed?

Although parents who adopt the Montessori approach from day one may transition their babies to a floor bed as early as 2 months old, most will recommend waiting until at least 18 months to 2 years old since they may not be developmentally ready for it. Meaning it will be hard for them to understand the concept of putting themselves to sleep when they’re tired. Also, they may still have trouble with sleeping through the night or other sleep related issues that may need addressing first.

What are the Benefits of a Montessori Toddler Floor Bed?

  1. Safety: Since the bed is placed directly onto the floor, the risk of your child getting hurt from either falling off or trying to climb out is eliminated.
  2. You Save Money: Since you can transition your baby to a floor bed as early as two months old, you’re essentially eliminating the need to buy a crib (before then, the baby might sleep in some sort of a bassinet), then a toddler transition bed, and then finally to a regular bed a few years later.
  3. It’s Easier on You: Since your child isn’t confined, you don’t need to worry about getting them out of their crib in the morning. Instead, your child has the freedom to get out of bed on their own and play in their room while you get some extra rest in the morning. Or, if your child has a hard time settling down at night, they can play with toys or read books in their room until they tire themselves out. When they’re ready to go to sleep, they can easily climb into bed and put themselves to sleep.
  4. Eliminate the “Fight” Involved with Bedtime: Since you’re giving your toddler the respect to make their own choice as to when they go to sleep, they’re less likely to fight having to go to sleep. Since going to sleep isn’t something your toddler is forced to do, they’re more likely to embrace bedtime as something they have chosen on their own because they are tired and not because it’s forced upon them.

What are the Signs Your Toddler isn’t Ready for a Montessori Floor Bed

Now I know what you’re thinking, this all sounds too good to be true…if I gave my toddler the freedom to choose when to go to bed on their own they never would. Right? Well in some cases, Montessori floor beds may not be the best fit for your child at the time. Here are some signs that your toddler isn’t ready for a Montessori toddler floor bed:

  1. Your Toddler Struggles with Sleep: If your toddler still frequently wakes up in the middle of the night or struggles with naps, that might be a sign that they aren’t yet ready for a floor bed. I would suggest addressing these issues first before transitioning to a toddler floor bed.
  2. Your Toddler’s Personality and Temperament: If you have a highly energetic or stubborn toddler that may get out of bed at night to play or come into your room when they should be sleeping, this could cause them to get up too much in the middle of the night to play or come into your room.
  3. May Not Be Developmentally Ready: If your toddler doesn’t yet understand “it’s time to sleep” or is struggling with boundaries of staying in bed to sleep then you may want to wait.

All of these signs may seem pretty common among young toddlers, but they are challenges that can be worked through with patience and consistency. Even though your toddler may not be 100% ready to take on the new transition to a Montessori toddler floor bed flawlessly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make progress towards it. Ultimately, it will make your life easier, and give your toddler a sense of empowerment (not to mention improved sleep for everyone).

My Top Picks for Montessori Toddler Floor Beds:

Twin House Floor Bed from Amazon: $172

montessori toddler Floor Bed

This twin house floor bed from Amazon is what we have for our 22 month old son. This bed was affordable and pretty easy to put together – it took my hubby and I about 45 minutes to assemble it together. It’s made from natural wood so it’s durable. Luckily the frame is tall enough where he can’t reach it to try and hang on it. We added some decorative lights to it to add some character. The open concept design allows you to decorate it as you please. When he gets older we can add a box spring to it so the bed can be used for years to come. My son LOVES his bed and the freedom to get in and out of it as he pleases without any help.

Meiddeco Teepee Bed from Etsy: $165

teepee montessori floor bed

This adorable teepee bed is another great affordable option at only $165. Each bed is handcrafted in Latvia, and is made of 100% natural wood. The open concept design allows you to decorate it as you please. They can make custom orders as well according to your nursery size and needs. The assembly takes about an hour to put together by yourself.

Montessori Floor Bed from Sprout Kids: $350

Sprout Montessori Floor Bed

Sprout beds are made in the US from Baltic Birch, they are durable and long lasting. They take less than 15 minutes to assemble (which is a huge bonus for me). These beds can easily be passed on or resold. They are well designed – the whole bed can be flipped and used as an older child’s bed. The bed will essentially last their entire childhood.

Twin Mattress on the Floor: Prices Vary

montessori floor bed

This is by far the most simple and cost effective method of creating a Montessori toddler floor bed. I recommend a memory foam mattress, which are extremely durable, long lasting, lower to the ground than traditional twin size mattresses, and deter jumping on since they aren’t that much fun to jump on.

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Lolli and Pops Survey – Get a FREE Truffle!


Lolli and Pops Survey

My hubby and little guy recently dropped into a Lolli and Pops to get some candy for our Halloween party. We fell in love with the store (especially my son). It has so much variety, great customer service, and is such a beautiful and fun little store. The only problem is you want to try EVERYTHING! The next time you drop into a Lolli and Pops, consider participating in The Lolli and Pops Survey to get a free truffle during your next visit! The survey will ask you a few questions about your experience. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll be rewarded with a FREE Lolli and Pops truffle. YUM-O!

You Will Need

  • An Internet connection
  • A few minutes
  • A receipt from Lolli and Pops
  • A computer or smartphone

How to Enter

Enter with Receipt: Purchase Necessary

  • To start the survey, keep your receipt from your recent visit to Lolli and Pops
  • Visit the survey website at www.lolliandpops.com/pages/survey
  • Choose the Lolli and Pops location you visited
  • Enter the 13-digit receipt number at the bottom of the receipt to begin survey
  • Answer all survey questions based on your recent shopping experience
  • When completed, an email will be sent to you with your coupon for a free truffle from Lolli and Pops
  • Show the email in with you on your next visit to redeem the offer printed on your receipt

Enter the Lolli and Pops Survey Here!

Lolli and Pops

Lolli and Pops Survey F.A.Q.S

  • What type of prize is it? Free truffle
  • How many times can you enter? One time entry per visit
  • How many truffles do you get? Limit one per customer

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TellHCO: Hollister Survey Coupon (Get a $10 Off Coupon)



Tell Hollister Survey Coupon

After making a purchase at Hollister be sure to take their survey in order to earn a $10 off coupon.

Simply make a purchase and head on over to www.tellhco.com to begin.

You will need the HCO survey code in order to start and provide feedback.

The Hollister survey code is 13 digits long and can be found at the bottom of the receipt.

If you have something specific you need help with it’s best to contact the Hollister customer service at store_service@hollisterco.com.

Hollister Survey Coupon Notes

  • Cannot be combined with any other promotional offers
  • Must be used within 60 days
  • Cannot be traded in for cash
  • The coupon will only be provided if all survey questions are answered

Customer Service

General questions in regards to Hollister products can be directed to toll-free 1-866-426-1285.

The toll-free number is available form 7:00 am – 12:00 am EST.

Outside the United States?

  • Switzerland 0800-561242
  • United Kingdom 0808-234-0795
  • Slovakia0800-002186
  • Slovenia0800-81114
  • Spain900-941459

You can also Tweet questions to @hollistercohelp.

tellhco.com promo code

Hollister Hours

Generally speaking, retail locations are open from 10 am to 9 pm Monday to Saturday and 11 am to 6 pm on Sunday.

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  • TopsListens: Take the Topps Listens Friendly Markets Survey to Win a $100 Gift Card
  • Hy-VeeSurvey.com Survey: Provide feedback in regards to a Hy-Vee visit in hopes of winning a $500 gift card

Club Cali Rewards Program

If you frequent Hollister on a weekly basis please consider the Club Cali rewards program.

All you have to do is provide an email address and you will receive a $10 off coupon (on a purchase of $40 or more).

Visit www.hollisterco.com/shop/AccountRouter to sign up.

Membership also provides you with a surprise birthday gift and early access to special events.

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