Tipsy Elves Review: My Halloween Horror Story


Tipsy Elves Review

Tipsy Elves Review: My Halloween Horror Story

Tipsy Elves is a holiday-themed apparel company. They sell holiday sweaters, Halloween costumes, and other holiday-themed items through their website and other online vendors, and donates part of each sale to charity. In December 2013, the company’s owners appeared on the US television show Shark Tank, and received $100,000 in funding from from investor Robert Herjavec to help the company move into the retail market. Since then Tipsy Elves has proven widely successful, generating more than 100 million in sales so far. In this article I’ll discuss in detail my personal Tipsy Elves review to illuminate their shortcomings.

My First Tipsy Elves Experience:

I heard about Tipsy Elves from my husband who sent me a link to a cute skeleton costume for our two year old for Halloween. It was literally double the price of the other similar looking skeleton Halloween costumes but my husband insisted on this one so I went ahead and bought it. I had no problems with this particular order and costume – it arrived on time, fit great, and seemed to be quality material and construction (and for $50 it better be!)

tipsy elves review

My Second Tipsy Elves Experience:

Since my overall experience with the first the order went well, I entrusted Tipsy Elves to deliver on my Halloween costume as well. However, that’s not the case at all. Not only was my costume overpriced at $60 but I also paid extra for expedited shipping so that it would be “guaranteed” by Tuesday, October 29th (two days before Halloween). Lone behold, I didn’t receive my costume until Halloween night at 7pm (too late for when I needed it). UGH!!!


The Tipsy Elves homepage was promoting their expedited shipping options, which included the price and guaranteed delivery date. I had high hopes that I could pay a little extra for shipping to receive my costume in time for our Halloween party on the 31st. I paid for the expedited shipping that “guaranteed” my order would arrive by Tuesday, October 29th.

I placed my order on Sunday, October 27th and it literally shipped out that night, which I thought sealed the deal that my costume would, indeed, arrive in time. I checked the tracking on my order each day. It sat at a location in California (I live in Missouri) for 4 days!! It finally arrived in St. Louis on Wednesday (already one day late) and didn’t get delivered to my home until 7pm on Halloween night!

Overall Fit:

The quality of my Tipsy Elves costume (a bat themed dress) seemed pretty good. However, it did not FIT the way it appeared online. Online, it appeared as though it was more form fitting, when in reality it was very thick, frumpy, and made me look fat (I’m 5’6 and 115 pounds – not fat). I decided I would just return it.

Return Process:

There were a few issues with the Tipsy Elves return process that really pissed me off:

  1. They don’t provide a return label and YOU pay for shipping: Many companies provide you with a return label so you don’t have to deal with paying for shipping or even having to print it yourself. Tipsy Elves doesn’t provide either! Not only do they not provide you with a shipping label, but they deduct an extra $7 from your refund for the shipping label. And hopefully you have a printer, otherwise you’re going to have to go to a Fed-Ex Office or local library to print the darn thing. GEEZ…talk about inconvenience!
  2. They don’t refund any of the sales tax or shipping costs: I have NEVER seen this before. They don’t refund you the entire amount of your purchase because they keep your sales tax that you paid. They ended up deducting $7 from my refund because they go ahead and keep that for themselves. In addition, they don’t refund you for the shipping. The $9 I paid for their so called “expedited” shipping was also deducted from my refund. What a scam!
  3. They don’t provide a bag to return your item in: Many companies now also provide you with a bag to return your item in as well…not Tipsy Elves. On top them deducting the $9 original shipping cost, $7 return shipping cost and $7 in sales tax from your refund, I have to also pay $4 for a large bag from the UPS store to ship it back.

Tipsy Elves Review: In Summary

I had high hopes for Tipsy Elves since they are double the price of any other holiday-themed apparel company. However, in reality they have many shortcomings in regards to overall fit, delivery, and their return process. My advice to Tipsy Elves…If you can’t “guarantee” delivery by a certain date then don’t promote it. Use different language such as “estimated” delivery. And get with the times on ethical and convenient shipping procedures. I paid a total of $68 and was only refunded a mere $$42. To my fellow consumers…Do yourself a favor and steer away from this mis-leading online retailer.

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